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Volunteers are needed on Oct 7th, 2017 from 7-11 am
You don't need to be there the entire time any time you can provide would be great!
Participants know that a great race can't succeed without volunteers. We are building a team of dedicated volunteers to support the athletes and to assist us in ensuring the Long Bay Triathlon is a first class event.
Click for additional volunteer information.
If you are interested in volunteering please fill out the form below.
There are a variety of volunteer positions open during Race Weekend. We want all volunteers to have a great race experience and will do our best to match volunteers to their role of choice. However, due to the needs of the race, we cannot guarantee you’ll get the role you select. Please review the list of roles below to get a sense of duties and responsibilities and then click here to go to the sign up form.

PRE-RACE VOLUNTEERS Friday, September, 21st
* Goodie Bag Stuffing Help stuff the athlete goodie bags on Thursday before the race.
* Packet Pick-Up & Registration Volunteers are needed to assist at packet pick-up/registration. Volunteers will help distribute packets, t-shirts and goodie bags.
* Bike check-in & Body Marking Assist athletes in checking-in their bikes at the transition area and getting body marked Saturday morning.

Volunteers for Saturday, September 21st and Jan. 1
* Transition Area and Race Start Direct participants into and out of the transition area, help athletes queue up for their swim waves, and keep any wandering spectators out of the transition area. Volunteers in the transition area will also be needed to help body mark the athletes with their race numbers prior to the race start.
* Swim Course (on water) Volunteer kayakers are needed to help ensure the swim is safe. The volunteer paddlers help keep swimmers on course and provide assistance for swimmers in need.
* Course Marshals Volunteers will be on the bike and run courses to direct the athletes to turn the appropriate way at certain intersections.
* Water Stations The run course water stations set up along the route. Volunteers at these stations will distribute water, energy drinks, and fuel to athletes. If you have a team or group interested in running a water station, please contact us at [email protected]
* Finish Line Festival Volunteers will distribute water and medals to athletes crossing the finish line as well as, direct athletes crossing the finish line and help with crowd control.

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